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This directory is a listing of Communication Arts and Sciences (or Speech Communication) alumni who have volunteered to serve as a resource for other Penn State students. In particular, everyone listed in this directory has volunteered to be a point of contact for current or recent CAS majors who would like to discuss how their degree has influenced their career after graduation. Using the search fields below, you can sort this directory by occupational field and/or decade of graduation. This directory can be a valuable step in exploring the diversity of careers made possible by a degree in CAS.

Users of the directory may also email members of CAS-FAN for information about their careers. Out of respect for these volunteers, we encourage users to be concise and clear about what they seek when contacting alumni.

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Class of 2004

Anthony Joseph Shurer

Academic Coordinator, International Student Support,
North Carolina State University
email, phone, meeting in-person


I moved to North Carolina and earned a MEd from NC State University in 2007. I have remained at NC State since then. My first role was working with Univresity Housing, followed by ten years in the Office of Student Conduct. I now work in Academic Advising to provide support to incoming international students at this university.

Class of 1999

Beth Semic-DeLisle

First Impression Director,
email, phone, meeting in person, career development events


I graduated with my PhD (expertise in interpersonal communication and conflict management) in 1999 and, within two weeks, drove from State College to Las Vegas, NV to begin my career as a professor at UNLV. I spent 15 years in Las Vegas, met and married my husband there, and then moved back to PA (the west Philly suburbs) in 2012. I taught for Delaware County Community College for 3 years and then transitioned into my current role as First Impressions Director at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA. The role is truly tailor-made for someone with a communication background as the focus is developing and maintaining positive guest experience.

Class of 2010

Brian Peteritas

Director of Marketing & Communication,
email, phone, meeting in person, career development events, internships in DC


I always wanted to work in Washington DC in politics, or in a communications capacity related to that. After I graduated I took a job as a Social Media Strategist at Governing Magazine in DC and then over time transitioned over to the Association world where I have worked in Communications departments for two trade associations. I'm currently the Director of Marketing and Communications for the American Frozen Food Institute, which advocates for the interests of the frozen food and beverage industry.

Class of 1995

Gretta D Kellogg

IT Project Mgr/Research Engineer,
email, phone, meeting in person


My experience with the SpeechCom department was excellent. I felt that they supported my vision of believing that computing technologies can be secondary to the communication needs of the people who use them. It's a given today in the age of social media, however when I started there was no other department that believed computers were good for anything but the engineers and scientists in "other" fields. I have relied upon all I was taught for group communications, team building and leadership in my years beyond graduation.

Class of 2017

Laura Kastner

Consulting Analyst,
email, phone, meeting in-person, career development events


Outside of my 2 majors I was occupied with singing with Savoir Faire A Capella, tutoring at the Undergraduate Speaking Center, volunteering on THON committees, working at the Psych Department's Leadership Assessment Center, and giving tours with Lion Ambassadors. After graduation I was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia. I am now in my 5th month as a consultant at Accenture.

Class of 2006

Lisa Sibilia

Art Educator,
phone, meeting in person, career development events


I have been an art educator for 11 years, attained my MA in Educational Leadership, am currently enrolled at Stanford University's LEAD Corporate Innovation Program, and for the past 3 years I have been collaborating with former Disney global leaders & former Imagineers to launch a new technological innovation with anticipated launch Nov. 2019. Live the PSU mission to impact beyond self daily.

Class of

Yvonne Michelle Kline

Skill Building Specialist,
email, phone, meeting in-person, career development events


I was the first student to enroll in Penn State York’s for year speech communication program. I earned my MA in Communication in 2006 and I am currently ABD on my Ph.D.

Class of 1980

Lisa Arrell

Director of Tourism Sales,
email, phone


I've enjoyed a successful career in broadcast journalism and, now, in marketing.

Class of 2011

Jennifer Ramirez

Enrollment Coordinator,
email, phone, career development events


Married, 1 child, and worked in retail management for 6 years prior to joining Vanguard.

Class of 2001

Aric Wagner

Managing Director,
email, phone, meeting in person, career development events