World Campus Events Zoom Schedule

World Campus Events Zoom Schedule

Communication Arts & Sciences / Organizational and Professional Comm Major

FALL 2023

Speakers Topic Day and Date Time

Brian Manata

Penn State

On the Problem of Leadership*
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Friday, Sept 22


Amber Walker Jackson

with co-host Veena Raman

Penn State

Job Hunting and Interviewing

Thursday, Oct 5


Brad Serber

with co-host Mandy Goodwin

Penn State

Student Experience in World Campus

Wednesday, Oct 18


Mandy Goodwin

with co-host Michael Steudeman

Penn State

Setting Boundaries at Work and Beyond

Wednesday, Nov 8


Maria Venetis

Rutgers University

Enacting and Generalizing Resilience*
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Friday, Dec 1



Speakers Topic Day and Date Time

Kristin Coletta

with co-host Veena Raman

Penn State

Leveraging Communication Skills in the Workplace

Wednesday, Jan 17


Veena Raman

with co-host Amber Walker Jackson

Penn State

Communication Challenges in the Workplace

Thursday, Feb 8


Michael Steudeman

with co-host Brad Serber

Penn State

Managing Neurodiversity and Communication Apprehension in Coworkers and Yourself

Tuesday, March 12



More events are coming this spring.
This schedule will update in December/January.

* These events are colloquium lectures by Penn State faculty or guests from other universities. The lectures last 45-60 minutes, followed by Q&A. To receive the Zoom link for attending these, email

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