Marcy Milhomme

Marcy Milhomme

Associate Teaching Professor for Continuing Education in Communication Arts and Sciences
307 Sparks Building University Park , PA 16802


B.A., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 1991
M.A., Suffolk University, 2001
Ph.D., Penn State University, 2014

Professional Bio

Educator for the critical consumption of rhetoric and communication “stylist”, Marcy Milhomme explores the depths and complexities of human interactions propelled by speech and communication. Dr. Milhomme's pedagogy is largely informed by an epistemological underpinning of sociological factors, such as social status and group norms, which powerfully shape and affect civil discourse. In her dissertation work, Milhomme developed the theories Leveraged and Contingent Exploration aimed at explaining cultural milieu of child rearing practices during out of school summertime according to socioeconomic status. In the classroom, students are encouraged to contextualize communication based on the probable needs of one’s audience, appropriate problem-solving strategies, identification of policy instruments and the ethics of deliberative speaking. Milhomme integrates classical rhetorical strategies such as Aristotle's Appeals, historically significant rhetorical events, and contemporary phenomena like that found in "hash-tag activism". She has been teaching CAS100A & 100B since 2009. Her passion for teaching relies upon high levels of student engagement and student growth as consumers and technicians of the rhetorical situation.