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CAS 255 – Communicating Gender

CAS 255 – Communicating Gender

This course offers opportunities to explore how gender norms are socially constructed partly through communication. Students develop skills for thinking critically about diverse perspectives on these norms. The course emphasizes the agency of students in developing their own ethical frameworks for how to enact gender performances in their communication, as well as how to respond through communication to the performances of others.

Course Objectives

  1. Engage with diverse theories of gender to examine how it is socially constructed partly through communication.
  2. Draw on concepts from rhetorical theory in order to analyze how gender is communicated within specific cultural texts.
  3. Develop ethical frameworks for evaluating, enacting, and responding to performances of gender.
  4. Participate in conversations about the complexities of gender in ways that are respectful of differences in viewpoint and responsive to the rhetorical situations at hand.