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Choosing Classes

Work on your Communication Arts and Sciences Major or Minor

The Communication Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Coordinator will screen overseas coursework and help you fit appropriate courses into your major requirements. Courses must offer a study of communication (e.g., gender, intercultural, rhetoric, personal identities, organizational communication, research methods, interpersonal, debate, political communication), but don’t have to be listed under "CAS". Look for junior-and senior-level courses. Many programs offer communication courses, including classes in all of the aforementioned subjects. Look for internships and service learning that bear credit. Internships abroad will apply toward the 400 level area, or the elective component of the major, but the academic documentation must be approved prior to going abroad, whether it be an internship you are doing on your own, or through the abroad program. It is suggested that you have more courses than you plan on taking reviewed and that you structure and document the consultation with your major adviser. A particular course schedule may not be available onsite, and it will be useful to have prior feedback on additional courses from the CAS adviser. If your course choices change, notify the CAS adviser via email. For tentative pre-approval of a course abroad, provide a syllabus to the CAS Undergraduate Coordinator at least a month before departure. For exact course substitutions (CAS 200, 201, 202, 204, 203, etc.) the course needs to be equivalent. In some cases, it may be easier to apply study abroad credits to the general elective area.

Fulfill General Education and Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Plan early to apply study abroad credits to the University’s General Education and Bachelor of Arts requirements. Decide early which requirements you want to satisfy through courses taken abroad so you don’t fulfill them on campus. Consult the admissions web site of courses that have been approved.