Internship Basics

By developing a well-organized internship experience in Communication Arts and Sciences, you will be creating an opportunity:

  • to explore a professional career path.
  • to apply theory and knowledge of communication which you have learned in the classroom to a practical work setting.
  • to develop and acquire communication skills associated with your professional goals and objectives. We welcome you to an educational and professional experience which most students find exciting and rewarding.
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Registering for Internship Credit

LA 495: Communication Arts & Sciences Internship (1-3)

Prerequisite: approval of the department.

How many credit hours do I sign up for?

One credit hour is equal to 40 hours of work in a pre-determined amount of time. Therefore, in a regular 15 week semester, 3 credit hours are equal to 8 hours of work per week, or a total of 120 hours of work for the internship requirement.

Once you have secured an internship, complete the following online form to apply for credits: