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Becoming a CAS Major/Minor

Communication Arts & Sciences (CAS) is the program that provides its students with the skills and insights most desired by employers. Communication skills, cultural sensitivity, ability to do quantitative and qualitative analysis, adaptability, ability to lead and to follow, ability to value others’ opinions and to inspire them are all fundamental to the CAS curriculum. Students who graduate with a CAS degree go on to pursue careers in a wide range of professional fields including law, government, business, health and human services, and media. Many also pursue graduate degrees.

CAS is led by nationally and internationally renowned faculty. This means that our majors can take small classes with access to leading thinkers and researchers in their discipline. In fact, one of the most commonly expressed sentiments of our majors is their appreciation for the relationships they’ve built with their professors.

Finally, we like to think our students are some of the brightest and most versatile people you’ll ever meet. Their accomplishments, creativity, and awards are shining examples of the tools and support CAS provides its students.

CAS Degrees - Majors

To become a major, students must have a minimum of  third semester classification and a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students who meet entry-to-major criteria may apply using LionPATH’s  Update Academics function.  A student who wishes to enter a major with  Administrative Enrollment Controls will use LionPATH’s  Update Academics to request entrance to the major. To participate in this process, students will actively request entrance to administratively controlled majors when they are within an established credit window, have completed specified courses, and have earned the stated grade-point average.

You can explore these links to learn about the majors offered through the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences.



CAS Degrees – Minors

There are a variety of minors housed by CAS.  They serve as great supplements to a wide array of majors.  To add a minor, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain an Entrance to a Minor form any advising office, and complete all parts of the form.
  2. Read the minor page carefully to ensure that you have selected required and recommended courses.
  3. Meet with your Major advisor to review your form.
  4. After your form is complete, have your advisor sign the form.
  5. Drop the form off in the main office (234 Sparks).

You can contact these faculty about the minors offered through the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences.

  • Communication Arts and Sciences Minor: Rosa Eberly,, 814-863-0867
  • Rhetoric Minor: Brad Vivian,, 814-865-0945
  • Interdisciplinary Minor in Dispute Management and Resolution: Timothy Worley,, 814-863-6260
  • Civic & Community Engagement (CIVCM): Rosa Eberly,, 814-863-0867
  • Information Science and Technology Minor for CAS and LER: Andrew High, 814-863-3969

A minor can be declared after you attain third- semester classification or after you have been accepted into a major. To declare a minor offered through CAS, use Lionpath, Update Academics