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Rhetoric Society Quarterly

"Rhetoric Society Quarterly" is a journal that publishes research on the history, theory, criticism, and pedagogy of rhetoric.

VanHaitsma, P. (2021). An Archival Framework for Affirming Black Women’s Bisexual Rhetorics in the Primus Collections. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 51(1), 27-41.

Manthey, D. (2020). A Violent Peace and America’s Copperhead Legacy. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 50(1), 16.

Vivian, B. (2018). Memory: Ars Memoriae, Collective Memory, and the Fortunes of Rhetoric. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 48(3), 9. 

Kennerly, M. J., & Woods, C. S. (2018). Moving Rhetorica. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 48(1), 3-27.


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