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Madisen Quesnell

Madisen Quesnell

Lecturer in Communication Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.A., University of Minnesota Duluth, 2012,
  2. M.A., Pennsylvania State University, 2015.
  3. Ph.D. coursework, Pennsylvania State University, 2016

Madisen Quesnell works as a lecturer primarily through World Campus, as she currently resides in Minnesota. Madisen, or Maddy as she prefers to be called, has experience teaching courses in public speaking, group communication, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, persuasive speaking, and epidemiology. Currently, she teaches various forms of CAS100, courses that emphasis effective speecg. In these courses, she seeks to help her students achieve the following three goals: 1) to learn command over speech delivery, 2) to learn how to craft an effective argument, and 3) to learn to critically consume persuasive messages encountered in daily life. Maddy also has research experience in the following areas: health communication, stigmatization and stigmatizing messages, interpersonal communication, quantitative methodologies including latent class analysis, and emotions and empathy. Maddy enjoys rock climbing, yoga, hiking, biking, reading, and generally being outdoors.