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Kelly Williams Nagel

Graduate Assistant in Communication Arts and Sciences


  1. B.A., The University of Texas at Austin, 2015
  2. M.A., Baylor University, 2017
  3. Ph.D., Penn State University, anticipated 2023

Kelly Williams Nagel studies visual rhetorics, public memory, and imagination. She examines how genre-bending monuments and public art impact community-building and public memory around the world. She received her MA from Baylor University in 2017, where she studied the intersections between public art, constitutive rhetoric, and identity in the United States and Europe. She served as the Editorial Assistant for Rhetoric & Public Affairs Journal from 2015-2017, as well as in 2020. She has also studied U.S political rhetoric of the 1950s/Red Scare. She earned her BA in International Relations and Global Studies from UT Austin in 2015, where she specialized in cultural relationships within Western and Eastern Europe. At Penn State, Kelly has taught sections of CAS 100A and 100C: Public Speaking, and has served as a TA for CAS 175: Persuasion and Propaganda and CAS 301: Rhetorical Theory. She is an avid fan of reading fiction and fantasy novels, the first cup of coffee in the morning, watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with her husband, and snuggling with their cat, Frankie.

Advisor: Michele Kennerly