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Keren Wang

Keren Wang

Assistant Teaching Professor in Communication Arts and Sciences

313 Sparks Building
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. PhD in Communication Arts and Sciences, Pennsylvania State University
  2. Master of International Affairs, Pennsylvania State University

Research Area:

I study political communication and rhetorical theory from transnational and critical-legal perspectives. My current research investigates the past, present, and future of ritual and sacrifice in a globalized world.


Select Recent Publications:


Wang, Keren. 2020. Legal and Rhetorical Foundations of Economic Globalization: An Atlas of Ritual Sacrifice in Late-Capitalism. 1st ed(Oxford: Routledge). ISBN: 9780367188405

Wang, Keren, and Tomonori Teraoka. 2020. “The Legitimation Crisis of the Japanese Constitution: Reflections on Japan’s Judicial Rhetoric and Its Post-WWII Constitutionalization Process.” Communication Law Review, Volume 20, Issue 1.

Wang, Keren. 2018. “The Rhetorical Invention of Laws of Sacrifice: Kelo v. New London,” Communication Law Review, Volume 18, Issue 2: 59-95.

Wang, Keren and Nabih Haddad. 2015.“Participatory Global Citizenship: Civic Education Beyond Territoriality,” first published in Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics, Vol. 3(1), Yale Global Academic Papers Collection, Yale Global Online (2016).

Wang, Keren, and Larry C. Backer. 2015.  “A Survey of Intra-Party Anti-Graft System Under the Context of  Strengthening the Constitution Rule and CCP Discipline,” China Law Review, vol. 2015-1 no. 4.

Larry C. Backer and Keren Wang. 2014. “The Emerging Structures of Socialist Constitutionalism with Chinese Characteristics: Extrajudicial Detention and the Chinese Constitutional Order,”Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal, volume 23 no. 2: 251-341.

Backer, Larry and Keren Wang, et al. 2015. “Democratizing International Business and Human Rights,” chapter in Business and Human Rights: Moving Forward, Looking Back, edited by Karen E. Bravo and Jena Martin. UK: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 1107095522