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Karen Boynton

Karen Boynton

Graduate Assistant in Communication Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.A., University of Minnesota Duluth, 2020
  2. M.A., Penn State University, anticipated 2022

Karen Boynton is an MA student, focusing on interpersonal communication. Broadly, she is interested in relationship development between individuals and the impact of those relationships on individual well-being. Recently she has been exploring the links between self-disclosure and psychological resilience. Karen is also interested in conflict, relationship satisfaction, mindfulness, and how all of these variables impact interpersonal communication. Karen’s undergraduate honors thesis outlined the conceptual and theoretical differences between state and trait mindfulness as well as how these differences could be applied practically and in research settings. She looks forward to exploring her research interests further in the CAS department. Karen is a teacher’s assistant for CAS 100A and 100B.

Your Advisor: Dr. Tim Worley