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Jackie Gianico

Jackie Gianico

Lecturer in Communication Arts and Sciences and Associate Teaching Professor of Applied Linguistics

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.A., Vassar College, 2004
  2. M.A., Middlebury College, The Italian School, 2005
  3. M.A., Teacher College, Columbia University, 2008
  4. Ph.D., coursework, Penn State, 2009-2012

Jackie Gianico teaches CAS100 in addition to courses in the Intensive English Communication Program (in the Department of Applied Linguistics) where she is Associate Director of Academics. Since 2006, she has served international student communities as an instructor of English as a second language for personal, professional, and academic purposes. Through teaching language and academic discourse, Jackie aims to curate learning spaces where students practice empathy while learning more about themselves and the world. By investigating the intersection of pedagogy and performance as it relates to the study and practice of improvisational theatre, or improv, she seeks to improve instructional practices in the classroom. Outside of the IECP, Jackie enjoys acting, singing, and painting, and she often brings her experience with theatre, improv, and art into the classroom.

25 word bio: I am interested in the intersection of performance, presence, and pedagogy as an educator facilitating acculturation of students in academic English discourses. 

Fun Fact: I was potato sack race champion for three years at my elementary school’s field day competition. I’m still proud of this.