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Dustin Greenwalt

Dustin Greenwalt

Assistant Teaching Professor in Communication Arts and Sciences

229 Sparks
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 865-3545

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.A., Wayne State University, 2008
  2. M.A., Baylor University, 2010
  3. Ph.D., The University of Georgia, 2015

Dustin A. Greenwalt teaches the basic speech course (CAS 100A) where he hopes to emphasize the possibilities for democratic modes of learning as effective teaching tools. His research interrogates how public discourses about the environment and the economy constitute our current conditions through the production of emotion and our unconscious. He recently completed a dissertation that situates discourses about food and farming as crucial forces in the reproduction of contemporary capitalism through their deployment of rhetorical style. In addition to his work on food, farming, and rhetorical style, Dr. Greenwalt is pursuing projects about the contemporary environmental movement’s use of affect and emotion during the Cold War, the potential for new media to reshape our relationships to urban areas, as well as the status of non-human animals within the field of rhetorical studies. His work has appeared in Explorations in Media Ecology as well as edited volumes.