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Claire Strutzenberg

Claire Strutzenberg

Graduate Assistant in Communication Arts and Sciences

316 Sparks Building
University Park , PA 16803

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.S., University of Arkansas, 2016
  2. M.A., University of Arkansas, 2018
  3. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Anticipated 2022

Claire Strutzenberg completed her Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and her Master's of Art in Communication at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. With an interest in the unique relationships present within families, Claire's research examines the ways in which families act as a form of support during times of transition. Specifically, Claire is interested in what keeps families together and what drives them apart. Claire taught Public Speaking (COMM 1313) at the University of Arkansas, Effective Speech (CAS 100A) at Pennsylvania State University, and is currently teaching Interpersonal Communication (CAS 203). Claire is also the current undergraduate research participation coordinator for the department of Communication Arts and Sciences. 

Advisor: Denise Solomon