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Antonio Golán

Antonio Golán

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences


  1. B.A., College of Staten Island (CUNY), 2002
  2. M.A., College of Staten Island (CUNY), 2008
  3. Ph.D., Indiana University, 2019

Antonio Golán’s research focuses primarily on the relationship between rhetoric and democracy, particularly as it relates to the issues of consensus and division, public memory, secrecy and deception, and economics. Much of his research has been on the Spanish State’s democratization in the late 1970s and its legacy within contemporary Spanish politics. He has taught classes in both rhetoric and media studies, including courses on rhetorical criticism, visual communication, and democratic deliberation. He recently published a co-authored essay in Americana: Journal of American Popular Culture, which examined the film The Big Short as a form of public pedagogy in response to the 2007 housing crisis.