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Where Are They Now?: Members of the CAS Community


[This is a new social media feature focused on people who aren’t alumni, but who spent time as members of our community. If you have a story to share, please email We’d love to hear where you are now!]

Josh Sheppard, Ph.D., came to Penn State in 2018 as a Fellow in the Center for Humanities and Information. During his residency, Dr. Sheppard studied contemporary discourses in digital humanities research, and he piloted the first incarnation of CAS 170: “What is Information?” with his co-fellow Jeffrey Binder. In 2020, Dr. Sheppard took a post at the University of Colorado Boulder as an Assistant Professor of Media Studies, and he has since been appointed as a Faculty Fellow of the Media Archaeology Lab, and as a Faculty Affiliate of the Center for Critical Thought. Dr. Sheppard studies the regulatory and institutional history of media institutions, with special interest in how grass root organizations are able to sustain their modes of content production without the influence of advertising. He is also the continuing Sound Fellow of the Library of Congress NRPB, where he organizes public humanities collaborations between federal and academic sectors.