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Study Abroad in Vienna

Faculty Spotlight: Ines Meyer-Hoess 

What better way to spend a cold winter's day than planning an exciting summer abroad in my native Vienna, Austria! In collaboration with the University of Vienna, Ines Meyer-Hoess, Associate Teaching Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences, will lead Penn State students on a unique and challenging, fun and fantastic study abroad program. Students earn six credits in four weeks, taking two classes (CAS 271 Intercultural Communication and CAS 199/499 Communication in the European Union) while mixing and mingling with students from her Alma Mater both during and after classes. In her words, “It is such a rewarding experience for me to watch how much my students grow - professionally and personally - when taking the plunge and venturing abroad, immersing themselves in new cultural, political, and social environments while exploring Austria from an angle that goes way beyond a typical tourist's experience. Want to see Austria in action? Join me this summer!"  Note that eligible CAS majors and minors can receive scholarship funds to support their participation in this program. 

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