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Public Speaking Contest Results

On behalf of Benjamin Firgens regarding the results of the Public Speaking Contest:

Honorable Mentions: Tara Bunce, Megan Davis, and Ian Harrison

3rd Place: Claudia Hatch

2nd Place: Joe Shanley

1st Place: Celeste Watson-Martin

Hearty congratulations to these speakers!

I'm also proud to acknowledge the help of so many who made the contest possible: Pearson Learning Solutions, for their continued support; Dave Dzikowski and Michele Kennerly, for overseeing the planning and the event itself; the many judges who volunteered their time for the preliminary rounds; Don Hahn, Meredith Doran, and Jeff Goldman, for judging the final round; and the many volunteers who helped in other small ways throughout the contest's unfolding. Thanks to all for making possible such a special event for the students!