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PhD Alumna selected to receive 2021 Outstanding Dissertation Award


PhD Alumna Rachel Vanderbilt has been selected to receive the 2021 Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Interpersonal Communication Division of the International Communication Association. Dr. Vanderbilt’s dissertation significantly advances research on serial arguments, or repetitive conflicts, that occur in romantic relationships. In particular, she reports a longitudinal study in which nearly 1000 participants, who were diverse with regard to age, romantic relationship status, and relationship length, reported on a serial argument at three two-week intervals. This research design allowed her to replicate analyses reported in previous cross-sectional studies – using a considerably more diverse sample of participants – and also to evaluate overtime and reciprocal associations between conflict communication and features of people’s relationships and serial arguments. Dr. Vanderbilt’s award will be recognized at the Interpersonal Communication Division’s business meeting when the virtual conference occurs in May of this year.

Congratulations, Rachel!