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Note from CAS Department Head, Denise Solomon

June 30th marks the final day of my six-year term as department head. It has been a great privilege to serve alongside my colleagues in this capacity. These have not been easy years – we’ve seen the polarization of politics in the United States, racially motivated violence, rampant gun violence, a pandemic that somehow only further divided citizens, a riotous attempt to forestall the transfer of presidential office, and a sea change in the laws granting rights to women. The constant throughout has been my department’s commitment to staying the course in our mission to educate Penn State students and CAS majors and minors, to conduct research at the frontiers of the communication discipline, and to engage in meaningful service to the institution, our discipline, and our community. I have nothing but gratitude for the department staff, my faculty colleagues, our amazing and resilient graduate students, and the undergraduates who inspire us and give us hope for the future. 

Mahalo and aloha,