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New degree opportunity for CAS majors

The Department is delighted to announce a new degree opportunity for CAS majors that allows CAS BA or BS students to pursue an MA in Media Studies through an Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree (IUG). When completing in IUG, students start taking classes toward the MA while in the fourth year of their BA or BS, allowing them to earn both degrees in a total of five years. Students who complete this program marry the expertise of Communication Arts and Sciences, which offers insight into how communication works in in interpersonal, group, intercultural, public, and civic contexts – both historical and contemporary – with a masters level education in media studies, per se. We are excited to partner with colleagues in the Bellisario College of Communications to make this degree available to Penn State students. For more information, contact the CAS Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lori Bedell, or CAS lead advisor, Mia Parise.