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Graduate Students receive 2020-21 Sparks Fellowship


The CAS Department has recently selected two graduate students to receive the 2020-21 Sparks Fellowship. This award provides a semester release from teaching to support the students’ research activities. The Sparks Fellows next year will be Haley Schneider and Tony Irizarry.

Tony studies the rhetoric of public memory, home, and borderlands identity. His most recent work focuses on the politics of anostos—a place of rhetorical and mnemonic immobility. Tony’s dissertation project will further the concept of anostos by looking at how processes of dialogic commemoration allow borderlands communities to testify on behalf of the rhetorically and mnemonically silenced. His advisor is Brad Vivian.

Haley examines how various stakeholders in urban planning imagine, implement, and measure progress toward a more sustainable future in Philadelphia. She proposes the concept of public futures, or the ways in which members of a community imagine their collective future, as a way to analyze policy decisions in urban planning. Haley’s advisor is Rosa Eberly.

Congratulations, Haley and Tony!