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Before the semester is officially over, we wanted to let you know of some great course opportunities for Fall 2018!

Interested in speech, debate, argument, or public/political discourse? All of the following courses cover those topics. CAS 210 and 311 are excellent follow-up courses to CAS 100 or 201 (while offering Gen Ed credit). All of them should interest students enrolled in the Rhetoric minor.

Please feel free to contact CAS Academic Advisor Kristie Kalvin ( or CAS Director of Undergraduate Studies Brad Vivian ( about availability for Fall!


CAS 210 (GH) - Landmark Speeches on Democracy and Dissent

Landmark Speeches on Democracy and Dissent is an exciting new course that offers a survey of key speeches, debates, and controversies making up the rich tradition of U.S. civic life.


CAS 311 (GH) - Rhetorical Criticism

Rhetorical Criticism exposes students to the theories and practices of conducting rhetorical analyses of speeches, newspapers, television, commercials, movies, slogans, debates, and other forms of public communication.


CAS 420 - Rhetorical Theory

This course features advanced study in the theories and ideas about rhetoric first introduced in CAS 201. It emphasizes how the study and practice of rhetoric helps us to care for ourselves, as individuals, as citizens, as participants in relationships, and as members of communities.