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December 2020 CAS Commencement


The CAS department congratulates the following students, who are currently on the official graduation list to receive their CAS BA or BS degree at Penn State commencement ceremonies on Saturday December 19th. Perhaps especially in this most unusual year, we celebrate your fortitude in reaching graduation day, and we join your family and friends in our joy at your accomplishment.


Sulaiman Talal Al Aghbari, BA

Afrah Alrusheidi, BA

Jacklyn Bean, BS

Mason Deeds, BA

Derek Dewald, BS

Shane Grogan, BA

Michaela Harpster, BS

Saie Kim, BA

Nicole Klingler, BA

Yuting Li, BA

Kenneth Mack, Jr., BA

Brittany Ritter, BA

Christina Rosati, BS

Tyler Rudloff, BA

Natalie Shoch, BA

Joseph Soran, BA

Kimberly Souffront, BA

Brady Underkoffler, BA

Lauren Waldman, BA

Yu Wu, BA

Yi Yu, BA