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Celebrations: CAS PhD students conferred at commencement


The CAS Department extends hearty congratulations to Dr. Rachel Vanderbilt and Dr. Dominic Manthey, who will have their PhD’s officially conferred at Penn State commencement ceremonies this weekend. Dr. Vanderbilt’s dissertation reported a three-wave longitudinal study of communication about serial arguments in romantic relationships. Her research was ground-breaking in that it examined antecedents and outcomes of communication during serial arguments overtime and in a sample the was diverse with regard to participant age, relationship length, and relationship stage. Dr. Manthey’s dissertation examined speeches, oral histories, newsletter, and other archival texts from major anti-war movements in U.S. history. He work illuminates how these peace movements, far from being simply pacifist, express a legacy of cultural violence, particularly along the lines of race, gender, and class.

Congratulations Rachel and Dominic!