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CAS Assistant Teaching Professor defends dissertation


William Aungst, Assistant Teaching Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences, recently defended his dissertation, “You are not welcome here: Sloterdijk’s posthumanism and the rhetoric of hostile urban architecture and design,” thus completing the requirements for his PhD from Duquesne University. The dissertation brings together three scholarship areas: rhetorical theory and analysis, hostile urban architecture and design, and Sloterdijk’s version of posthumanism. Dr. Aungst argues that the various meanings imbued in hostile urban architecture and design are purposive and a result of these constructed spaces as material fore-structures. In this dissertation, he looks to the forgotten spaces, the banal design of our everyday lives, the overlooked materials, and the taken-for-granted elements of our built environments to better understand their importance as rhetorical artifacts that contribute to the ongoing process of hominization and domestication. In our environments, architecture and design play an essential role in who we are and what we can know about being human. The dissertation committee was chaired by Dr. Erik Garrett and included Dr. Ronald Arnett and Dr. Pat Arneson.

Congratulations, William!