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CAS 100: Keywords project

This semester, instructors teaching CAS 100: Effective Communication at the University Park campus of Penn State are excited to share a new curricular resource with students: the CAS 100: Keywords project. Keywords is a digital public speaking resource developed with contributions from more than 20 members of the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. Drawing from expertise in both rhetoric and communication science, the project aims to provide an evolving response to the challenges of citizenship in a complex political culture. For the over 2000 students who take CAS 100 each semester, the project will collectively save hundreds of thousands of dollars in textbook costs. Through interactive modules, videos, and insightful essays, the project provides students practical skills in public speaking and a critical vocabulary for analyzing human communication.

The project was spearheaded, over the past several years, by the former and current Directors of CAS 100, Associate Professor Michele Kennerly and Assistant Professor Michael Steudeman, respectively, and supported by Associate Teaching Professor Jessica O’Hara and PhD candidate Nikki Orth. The Department is grateful to them, and to everyone who contributed to this project!