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Alumni News: Associate Professor to Senior Data Scientist

Alumni News

PhD Alumna Jennifer Priem, formerly an Associate Professor at Wake Forest University, is now a Senior Data Scientist conducting research in infectious disease and disease prevention for the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation at Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC. In her position, Dr. Priem works directly with Atrium Health Infectious Disease physicians to conduct research that guides system decision making to improve healthcare treatment and outcomes. Prior to COVID-19, she worked on grant funded antibiotic stewardship projects to educate clinicians and patients on appropriate antibiotic use and reduce the growing threat of multidrug resistant organisms, and conducted risk modeling for surgical site infections. During COVID-19, she has worked on health disparity projects that have informed community testing interventions, as well as projects to assess risk factors for acquisition, progression, and outcomes of COVID, and time series analyses to understand predictors of changes in patient demographics at various testing sites and hospitalization rates.  Dr. Priem is a great example of how a PhD in Communication Arts & Sciences can be a path to success, whether that’s in the academy or addressing significant threats to society.

Keep up the good work, Jen!