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Faculty Spotlight: Golán Visiting Assistant Professor


The department welcomes Antonio Golán, who will be a Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences for the 2021-22 academic year. After earning his B.A. and M.A. from the College of Staten Island (CUNY), Dr. Golán studied at Indiana University, where he received his Ph.D. in 2019. His research focuses primarily on the relationship between rhetoric and democracy, particularly as it relates to the issues of consensus and division, public memory, secrecy and deception, and economics, and much of his work has examined the Spanish State’s democratization in the late 1970s and its legacy within contemporary Spanish politics. This fall, Dr. Golán will be teaching CAS 084, a first-year seminar, on conspiracy theories and rhetoric, as well as CAS 475: Studies in Public Address.

Welcome, Antonio!

Professor Engels featured in Penn State News, "The Ethics of Oneness"


Jeremy Engels, Professor of CAS and Barry Director of the Paterno Fellows Program, who published “The Ethics of Oneness” with the University of Chicago Press in March of 2021, is featured in Penn State News. See:

Well done, Jeremy!

Associate Teaching Professor Sierlecki receives Teaching Faculty professional development award


Associate Teaching Professor Bonnie Sierlecki received the new Teaching Faculty professional development award from the College of the Liberal Arts to support her work this summer with Urban Triage in Madison,WI (  Dr. Sierlecki is participating in a 3-month “Co-Conspirator Workgroup” to aid her scholarship and teaching in CAS and the Schreyer Honors College by learning how to make permanent and positive shifts in defining and understanding the impact of white supremacy in our daily lives. Dr. Sierlecki is also a volunteer with the “Cook-It-Forward” meal delivery program and the Urban Agriculture program through Urban Triage.  UT is a Black-owned, non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for and support healthy Black families and safe communities by dismantling systemic racism.

Neibauer successfully defends dissertation


Allison Niebauer recently defended her dissertation, titled “’The Diocese’s Darkest Chapter’: Constructing Cultural Trauma in the Altoona-Johnstown Catholic Diocese.” The project centered on divergent narratives of causation, accusations of responsibility, and proposals for reform regarding clergy perpetrated sexual abuse (CPSA) within the Catholic Church.  Focusing on the Altoona-Johnstown Catholic Diocese as a representative case study, Niebauer used legal cases, pastoral letters and statements, newspaper archives, Pennsylvania legislative debates, survivor testimony, and semi-structured interviews with local laity to trace the development of stakeholder narratives over a forty-year period and, thus, illuminate the resulting contestation over the meaning of CPSA. She concludes that while stakeholder narratives generated through civil litigation have largely succeeded in framing CPSA through the lens of institutional responsibility, this frame has led to largely bureaucratic, rather than doctrinal or internal polity structure, reforms. Furthermore, the material consequences of civil litigation has created a significant barrier to allyship for survivors of CPSA and laity—many of whom share deep levels of dissatisfaction with institutional actors. The committee was chaired by Stephen Browne and included Bradford Vivian, Tim Worley, and Sarah Clark Miller; Anne Demo also contribute expertise as a previous member of the committee. Dr. Niebauer will continue her teaching and research next year as a post-doctoral teaching fellow in the CAS department.

Congratulations, Allison!


PhD student published in Quarterly Journal of Speech


Ismael Quiñones, a third-year Ph.D. student in CAS, has recently been published in the Quarterly Journal of Speech with a lead essay titled "Text as a nowing: Towards an understanding of time in rhetoric." In this essay, Mr. Quiñones argues for an understanding of text articulated through a temporal vocabulary emphasizing a now. You can access his article here:  

Well done, Ismael!

Delayo successfully defends master thesis


CAS graduate student Mike Delayo today successfully defended his master's thesis, "'I Definitely Want To Thank My Psychiatrist': Digital Mental Health Disclosures in Professional Sports." Opening with a brief history of the body, mind, and sport relationship, Mr. Delayo's thesis investigates sports culture’s problematic treatment of mental health and how that may be changing. After synthesizing disciplinary treatments of "rhetorical persona" across several decades, Mr. Delayo offers extended, close readings of digitally mediated statements by Australian WNBA star Liz Cambage and a YouTube vlog created by professional esports competitor Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera. Mr. Delayo bookends those two contemporary cases with analyses of previous disclosures by Ron Metta Sandiford-Artest of the NBA and former MLB pitcher Pete Harnisch. Dr. Rosa Eberly directed Delayo's thesis with assists from Dr. Michele Kennerly and Dr. Abe Khan.

Congratulations, Mike!

CAS Spring 2021 Commencement

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences would like to congratulate the 59 students, who are currently on the official graduation list to receive their CAS BA or BS degree at Penn State commencement ceremonies this Sunday, May 9th. To view the list of our graduates, please visit: 

Congratulations to all!

CAS Department recognized in Penn State News

The Communication Arts & Sciences department is in the Penn State News for it’s work supporting student learning in CAS 100: Effective Speech!

Alumni News


CAS alumna Briana Adams-Seaton was recently graduated from Howard University School of Law. While a student in CAS, Ms. Adams-Seaton many achievements included receiving the Richard B. Gregg Memorial Award for Scholarly Excellence from the department, as well as Penn State’s Jackson Lethbridge Tolerance Award, which recognizes students who openly promote responsible citizenship and civil respect for diversity within the Penn State community. As a capstone to her time with Howard University, Ms. Adam-Seaton served as editor of the Howard Law Journal.

We can’t wait to see what comes next from this outstanding person. Congratulations, Briana!

Spring Civic Engagement and Public Speaking Contest

The spring rendition of the Civic Engagement and Public Speaking Context aired the evening of April 29th, and can be viewed here:  Congratulations to the two students who tied for first place: Justin Do, instructed by Associate Teaching Professor Robin Kramer, who spoke on “Fixing the National Physician Shortage,” and Arden Bealmear, instructed by PhD student Kelly Williams Nagel, who spoke on “Beginning Financial Literacy in High School.” Rounding out the top three finalists was Ashley Bolds, instructed by Assistant Teaching Professor Vanessa McLaughlin, who spoke on “Reducing Economic Barriers to Medical School.” Kudos also to Jeff Nagel, PhD Student, who took lead on organizing the contests this year, and Michael Steudeman, Assistant Professor and Director of CAS 100, and gratitude to all the many faculty and guest judges for their time and energy. The final slate of speeches is testimony to the good work being done by students and instructors in our public speaking classes.

Congratulations to all!