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Specialized Training

Specialized Training Grants for Graduate Students

Graduate students in Communication Arts & Sciences have an opportunity to enrich their training in methods of scholarly inquiry with support provided by a Specialized Training Award for up to $1500. Eligibility is typically limited to one award in an academic year, but if funds are available the department may be able to support additional requests.

Procedures for Applying

  • Provide a one or two page description of the activity for which you are requesting funding--what exactly is offered by the activity and when, and how you expect it to contribute to your program of studies and your graduate research. Include web site addresses if applicable.
  • Provide a total itemized budget (see indicating the amount you are requesting from the department, the amount provided by other sources, and amount of personal funds; and
  • Include a letter of support from your academic advisor (the advisor may send the letter separately to preserve confidentiality).

Applications may be submitted any time during the academic year.  To apply, place the application materials in Matt Lahrman’s mailbox in 234 Sparks Building.  No electronic submissions, please. If everything is in order, Matt will submit the materials to the Graduate Officer, Professor Engels, for review.  Professor Engels may consult with the Graduate Committee, and will submit a recommendation on the award to the department head. Decisions are usually made within two weeks.

Examples of specialized training in Rhetoric potentially fundable through this award include instruction in a foreign  or programming language; taking part in symposia or institutes focusing on advanced research methods; visits to study informally with scholars at other institutions whose work offers significant models of theoretical or critical innovation; and visits to archives for training in archival methods.

Examples relating to Communication Science include instruction in the collection of bio-specimens; attendance at a methods training workshop; participation in a campus intensive training program in research methods; and visits to other institutions to meet with scholars whose work offers useful models of research methods.

Important: The funds will be deposited directly into your student (bursar) account. This may have an effect on your student loans or other financial aid. If you have an outstanding balance against PSU, the funds will automatically go toward the satisfaction of that debt. These are things that we have no control over. So be advised of them and please behave proactively.