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Graduate Research Awards


Communication Arts & Sciences graduate research awards provide seed money to graduate students for pilot research, applications for funding, archival work and travel, or other research-related costs. These awards do not cover equipment or substitute for resources normally available to students (such as software on computers in student labs). The money is intended to support work preliminary to a thesis or dissertation. Individual awards may vary, but are not likely to exceed $1500.

Applicants may request funding to support travel to archives or research sites, to purchase software or research materials that are not available to students, to pay participants, to pay undergraduate assistants, or to cover other expenses related to the proposed research project. Requests for funding to cover release time or provide compensation for the applicant are not appropriate and will not be approved.

Application Format

The application should include: (1) a narrative not to exceed three single-spaced pages explaining the purposes, design, and expected contributions of the research; (2) a detailed timeline for the initiation and completion of the research; (3) a budget itemizing all anticipated expenses in conducting the research; (4) a current curriculum vitae; and (5) a letter of support from the applicant's adviser.

Applications may be submitted any time during the academic year.  If you decide to apply, you should place the materials noted in Letitia Bullock’s mailbox in 234 Sparks Building.  No electronic submissions, please.  If everything is in order, Letitia will submit the materials to the Graduate Officer, Professor Engels, for review.  Professor Engels may consult with the Graduate Committee, and will submit a recommendation on the award to the department head. Decisions are usually made within two weeks.

Important: Whenever possible, the disbursement of this award will follow the procedures used for conference travel. If funds must be deposited directly into your student (bursar) account, it may impact your student loans or other financial aid. If you have an outstanding balance against PSU, the funds will automatically go toward the satisfaction of that debt. These are things that we have no control over. So be advised of them and please behave proactively.