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Dissertation Grants

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences provides internal grants to support dissertation research. You are eligible to receive up to $3000 if you have successfully completed your dissertation proposal meeting. The funds may be used for travel for dissertation research (but not for presentation of the project), for copying archival materials, for payment of research subjects (at University approved rates), for payment for statistical consulting (at approved vendors), or other dissertation-related research expenses.

Application Procedures

  1. Submit a brief description of the research project.
  2. Submit a total itemized budget indicating the amount requested from the department, the amount provided by other sources, and amount of personal funds.  See
  3.  will verify that you have an approved dissertation proposal as documented by your committee.
  4. Include a letter of support from your academic adviser (the adviser may send the letter separately to preserve confidentiality).
  5. Provide documentation of how the funds were spent (include all receipts, such as airline receipts, payment receipts to subjects) along with a signed endorsement from your adviser.
  6. Applications may be submitted any time during the academic year.  If everything is in order, Matt will submit the materials to the Graduate Officer, Professor Engels, for review.  Professor Engels may consult with the Graduate Committee, and will submit a recommendation on the award to the department head. Decisions are usually made within two weeks.

Important: The funds will be deposited directly into your student (bursar) account. This may have an effect on your student loans or other financial aid. If you have an outstanding balance against PSU, the funds will automatically go toward the satisfaction of that debt. These are things that we have no control over. So be advised of them and please behave proactively.

Other Sources of Funding

College Dissertation Support Competition
Institute for the Arts and Humanities Summer Residency Program