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Dual-Title Ph.D. in CAS and Bioethics

Issues of ethical concern arise frequently regarding communication about scientific, technological, and medical pursuits. The Dual-Title Ph.D. in Communication Arts & Sciences and Bioethics—the only one of its kind in the United States—provides communication arts & sciences graduate students with the theoretical and applied knowledge necessary to address ethical issues within the field of health communication as well as to conduct original bioethics research and to produce bioethics-related scholarship.

Students earning the dual degree would have access to growing employment opportunities that require expertise in bioethics (e.g., in addition to the same job markets available to other communication arts & sciences graduates).

Admission Requirements

Students who have been admitted to the CAS Ph.D. Program prepare a statement of purpose for why they wish to pursue the Dual-Title degree as part of their program planning process. The student’s doctoral committee will then consult with the student regarding the plan.

Doctoral Committee Composition

Students in the program are required to have an advisor from the Bioethics faculty. If the primary advisor in Communication Arts & Sciences is not a member of the Bioethics faculty, a second advisor from the Bioethics faculty will be required.

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