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How do I apply for conference travel?

Every graduate student will be funded for two conferences. You must present or co-present a paper at one of the two conferences, though we prefer that you present your research at both. We ask that you reduce costs wherever and whenever possible, which often means sharing cabs, hotel rooms, etc.

  1. When you begin to plan for a conference, go online and fill out the Conference Travel Request Form, which will inform Letitia Bullock of your intention to attend a specific conference.
  2. You are responsible for registering for the conference and paying any necessary fees up front. The department can reimburse the cost of the conference afterward, but we cannot reimburse the cost of an association membership.
  3. Book your flight with --814.238.4987. At a minimum, provide Jan with your contact information, the department’s name, the dates of your travel, and the name of the conference.
  4. You are responsible for booking a hotel. Typically this would be the conference hotel or a nearby location that costs the same or less than the conference hotel.
  5. After the conference, you must submit information about the dates of your travel, a receipt for conference fees, your hotel receipt and relevant travel receipts (cab, shuttle, etc.) to the Sparks Financial Office in 231 Sparks. You will be reimbursed for these items plus meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on a per diem basis.
  6. If you take your own car to a conference, you may submit a request for mileage reimbursement to the Finance Office.