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CAS 597 - Structural Equation Modeling

CAS 597 - Structural Equation Modeling

Professor: Lijiang (LJ) Shen
Office: 211 Sparks

CAS 597 Structural Equation Modeling will focus on applications of path analysis and structural equation models. Following a review of basic ideas of structure, interpretation, estimation, and inference in recursive models, the class will work through problems of specification, identification, and model selection in simple recursive and latent-variable models. The LISREL model will be introduced, and its use in the specification of a variety of models will be reviewed: Factor models, MIMIC models, recursive and nonrecursive models with and without unobservables, multiple group models, multilevel models, etc. Most estimation will be carried out using LISREL and mPlus, but students are free to use other software packages.

Course Objectives

  1. Be comfortable with topics beyond multiple regression analysis, with standard methods of statistical inference, and with standard methods of data analysis. 
  2. Be proficient in linear causal relationships (except insofar as it treats cross-population comparison). 
  3. Be able to assess the consequences of well-specified prior assumptions about causality. 
  4. Become proficient in fitting and testing CFA and SEM models, evaluating model fit, comparing and selecting models to test theories.