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CAS 597 - Special Topic - Interpersonal Communication and Health

Professor: Denise Solomon
Office: 317 Sparks

This course is intended as a graduate-level examination of research linking interpersonal communication to outcomes associated with personal well-being.  This course is grounded in a biopsychosocial understanding of health, which recognizes that physical and mental health is shaped by social experiences, including interpersonal communication.

Course Objectives

Students in the course will:

  1. Review indices of well-being, mind-body linkages, and evidence that interpersonal communication affects health. 
  2. Explore the literature linking well-being to social support in its various forms, spanning the health benefits of social network involvement to the impact of specific comforting messages. 
  3. Examine the deleterious health consequences of caustic relationship states and communication episodes representing facets of interpersonal conflict. 
  4. Consider the theoretical issues and methodological challenges that confront researchers who examine the link between interpersonal communication and health.