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CAS 597 - Special Topic: Affect, Persuasion, and Health

CAS 597 examines the nature and substance of theories of emotions as they apply to communication such as persuasion, social influence, risk and health communication. The course introduces students to different perspectives to emotions, theories of emotions, theories and approaches to fear appeals, motivated resistance to strategic communication, empathy, affect and risk communication. Student will learn to critically evaluate and assess theories, and approaches to the study of emotions in persuasion and health communication, and to integrate and apply the theories in their own research.

Professor: Lijiang Shen
Office: 200 Sparks
Phone: (814) 865-1736

Course Objectives

CAS 597 is intended to help students 1) get familiar with major emotion theories, the literature of fear appeal and research that integrate emotion and strategic communication; 2) critically evaluate and assess the application of emotions theories in strategic communication, and 3) integrate emotion theories into their own research program.