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CAS 597 - Rhetoric and Race

Professor: Kirt H. Wilson
Office: 220 Sparks
Phone: (814) 865-1985

This seminar provides a graduate level introduction to some of the theories and critiques of critical social race theory. While no single course can do justice to a subject as complex as “race,” this seminar exposes students to many of the late twentieth and early twentieth-first centuries’ most important scholars on the subject. In addition, this class will consider whether and how contemporary movements for social justice, such as Black Lives Matter, intersect with issues of racial identity.

Course Objectives

  • To provide participants with a broad foundation on which to build a publishable research agenda in race/ethnicity and rhetorical studies.
  • To provide each participant with a deep and thorough understanding of one theorist who defined a field or meta-theory in this subject area.
  • To provide participants with knowledge about how rhetorical studies currently engages race, ethnicity, and identity.