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CAS 597 - Media and Memory

Boots on ground

The main presumption of this course is that most memories of the past take shape through a variety of representational and performative mechanisms (discursive, visual, spatial, and bodily). In the past twenty years, collective memory has become a lively topic across the humanities and qualitative social sciences in the wake of global political and technological transformations. The goal of this course is to explore the workings of collective memory from several disciplinary vantage points, including history, philosophy, rhetoric, media studies and cultural studies.  In addition to developing a comprehensive multi-disciplinary theoretical perspective on memory and its mediation, we will also practice interpreting specific cases of mediation by focusing on artifacts and sites of memory—photographs, films, museums, and monuments, both physical and virtual.  

Professor: Dr. Katya Haskins

Course Objectives

Upon the successful completion of the course students can expect to

  • be able to define and trace the theoretical lineage of major concepts in memory studies
  • be able to synthesize the insights of major disciplines involved in the study of collective memory
  • gain proficiency in critical analysis of memorial artifacts, sites, and practices

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