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CAS 597 - Communication of Social Support

This seminar focuses on theory, concepts, and empirical findings related to the communication of social support or comforting. This class views support and comfort with a wide lens to include concepts such as sharing advice, opinion, esteem enhancement, social connections, and tangible resources. Most, although not all, readings will approach these issues through the lens of interpersonal communication. The course will begin by distinguishing how scholars in the disciplines of psychology, sociology, and communication conceive of the concept of social support. After that, the course readings concentrate on the major theories as well as both traditional and contemporary trends in research on supportive communication.

Assoc. Professor: Andrew High
Office: 245 Sparks
Ph: 814-863-3969

Course Objectives

  • Familiarize yourself with the major trends and researchers interested in supportive communication
  • Understand the process of supportive communication from seeking, to providing, and receiving comforting messages
  • Consider how supportive communication produces a range of outcomes for numerous personal and relational stressors
  • Integrate principles, concepts, and theories of social support to produce original research ideas
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