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CAS 506 - Contemporary Rhetorical Theory: Sound Characters


Professor: Rosa Eberly
Fall 2021
Day and Time TBD

This seminar draws from contemporary work in and beyond interdisciplinary rhetorical studies to energize a study of sound, listening, character, and their intersections. Using rhetoric's productive as well as interpretive capacities, we will examine and inhabit spaces between rhetorics and poetics; normative and descriptive senses of character; and sound, radio, audio, and listening. The seminar will briefly introduce students to three ancient conceptions of character and then dwell on the emerging field of sound studies. Students will produce public as well as academic scholarship. While a variety of aural texts will be assigned in this seminar, students should expect sustained engagement with Harry Shearer's radio program-cum-podcast, Le Show. #CAS597SoundXrs on Twitter

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