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CAS 352 - Organizational Communication

Professor: Dr. Amanda Goodwin Caporaletti, Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: 313 Sparks

CAS 352: Organizations can perform both positive and negative functions, creating a field of tensions in how we think about organizations. At the "micro" or individual level, we see a tension between (a) the individualist concept of the self and (b) the role of work in constituting our own identities. At the "macro" or societal level, we see a tension between (a) the necessity of organizations for accomplishing socially valuable tasks and (b) the power of organizations to pursue their own interests at the expense of specific individuals or society in general. Students will grapple with the individual's place within the organization and discuss the processes of organizational communication as the fundamental mechanism through which individuals navigate their organizational experience. 

Course Objectives

For CAS 352:

  • understand the processes of and theories associated with organizational communication
  • distinguish among the perspectives of organizational theory
  • learn to manage conflict, solve problems, and make decisions through analysis of case studies