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CAS 272N - Political Communication and New Technology

In a world where innovative communication technologies emerge every day, we need to understand how they affect our civic and political lives. Through readings, discussions, analysis and creating original content, this course will give you the opportunity to learn about 'new' and 'interactive' communication technologies and their influence on our political rhetoric and civic culture. We examine how new technologies have affected campaign communications, and what we do in online public spheres through an interdisciplinary approach and employ a global perspective.

Course Objectives

  • Understand and analyze issues related to online political communication avenues (blogs, political discussion fora, podcasts, 'viral politics' of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter), cyber activism, smart mobs, networked publics, citizen journalism and peer-to-peer production (YouTube, Wikis etc).
  • Assessing how issues such as gender, race, past history, socio-economic, cultural and geo-political factors affect our online political and civic lives.  
  • Gain hands on experience in creating video content, writing blogs and using social media and practice rhetorical principles of advocacy and persuasion to help them work with political campaigns and non-profit institutions.