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CAS 250-SLO - Small Group Communication and Social Change

John Gastil, Professor
Communication Arts & Sciences Dept.
242H Sparks Building,

Matt Barone, Asst. Director for Service & Leadership
Office of Student Activities
209 Hub-Robeson Center,, ph: 863-4624

Penn State students who want to transform their communities and improve their world enroll in this special version of CAS 250 to learn new ideas and skills. At the heart of every democratic social movement are powerful small groups that develop leadership skills, build cross-cultural awareness, and teach the fundamentals of democratic decision making. This class is tailored for student activity leaders, participants in a Special Living Option for social change, and any student who wants to work with others to make a difference. It involves hands-on experience in small groups working to improve life on campus and in State College, and it is co-taught by an expert in democratic groups and a director from student affairs.

This course meets in a seminar format just once each week.
Prerequisites: None!

Meeting times: Wed 2:30PM - 5:30PM 
Location: Biobehavioral Health Bldg 104