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CAS 203 (GS) - Interpersonal Communication

Course Objectives

CAS 203 introduces students to the theoretical perspectives, methods, and practical applications of interpersonal communication. This course examines the foundations of interpersonal communication in culture, the individual, and processes of perception; the nature and dynamics of interpersonal messages; communication as it participates in the development, maintenance, and dissolution of personal relationships; and ways in which interpersonal communication contributes to managing conflict, influencing others, and providing support. Students will be given the opportunity to apply theoretical and methodological knowledge gained in class to practical life experiences. 

As a general education course contributing to the social and behavior science requirement, CAS 203 has the following objectives:

  1. Survey existing interpersonal communication knowledge.
  2. Promote an understanding of social scientific methods.
  3. Demonstrate the relationships between the study of interpersonal communication and other disciplines.
  4. Encourage students to integrate empirical knowledge and theoretical views of the social world.