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CAS 101- Introduction to Human Communication

CAS 101 is a General Education, lecture course that introduces students to the field of communication and the most important concepts, questions, and ideas that surround the study of communication today. It is an important elective for students who want to understand how interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, public, and technology assisted acts of communication occur in society. It also is an essential class for anyone considering a major or minor in Communication Arts & Sciences.

The course has three major objectives:

  1. To expose students, especially freshman, to the concepts and best practices that cut across every aspect of modern communication.
  2. To prepare students to excel in advanced classes within the Communication Arts & Sciences Department.
  3. To help all Penn State students incorporate essential communication principles into their own fields of study and future professions.

Students from every major or college are welcome. If you enroll, your grade will be determined by quizzes, exam performance, in-class discussion, and one paper. In addition to learning from the instructors and from your classmates, you will have the chance to test class concepts in "real world" situations.