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Gifts to the Department

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences welcomes gifts from people who are interested in supporting the ongoing efforts of the Department. Connecting with us provides students with opportunities to expand their horizons, enables the administration to create new curricular opportunities, and so much more.

You can donate to the Department through the University's online giving site; please note that general donations made to Penn State will not reach the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences unless they are designated as a gift for the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. Donations sent directly to our department do not need to be designated for any special purpose, unless you choose to indicate what you would like to support with your gift.

Explore this page to learn about the wonderful opportunities created by previous gifts to the Department.

Danel Graduate Fund in Communication Arts and Sciences

Cynthia Danel (B.A. '71 speech, M.A. '76 speech communication) wanted to create a fund that would support graduate students specifically. Her motivation for this came from her own experience as a graduate student in the department, in addition to the respect and fondness she had for her advisor, Professor Richard Gregg. Cynthia received the 2004 CAS Outstanding Alumni Award and is a member of the CAS Alumni Board of Visitors. She works as an attorney at the Edgar Snyder Law Firm in Pittsburgh, PA, where she specializes in personal injury litigation. She is President Elect of the Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association, a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and has served on the Board of Governors of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association.


Dan and Karen Savadove Program Support Fund in the Communication Arts and Sciences

This fund was established by Dan ('80 speech communication) and Karen Pollack Savadove ('84 accounting) to enrich Communication Arts and Sciences Department programs such as student internships and lectures, professional travel, and research. Dan, who is a member of the CAS Alumni Board of Visitors, was the CEO of Root Communications, an advertising agency that was purchased by Qantum Communications in 2003. As CEO, he oversaw 26 radio stations, all located in the South. Prior to joining Root in 1999, he had increasingly senior management positions with several radio stations and communications companies. Dan and Karen and their son Joshua live in Bryn Mawr , PA.


Michael Hodes Scholarship in Communication Arts and Sciences

This scholarship was created by Michael Hodes to benefit students majoring in Communication Arts & Sciences who manifest the promise of outstanding academic success. Michael Hodes graduated from the department in 1971 and has gone on to become a successful attorney in his firm Hodes, Ulman, Pessin & Katz in Towson, MD. He currently serves on many boards in the Baltimore area and is acting Chairman of the CAS Alumni Board.


Josh and Meredith Pechter Family Scholarship

Established to provide recognition and financial assistance to outstanding undergraduate students in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, this fund helps those who have demonstrated need to meet their necessary college expenses. Josh ('97 American studies) and Meredith ('98 speech communication) Pechter wanted to create a fund that would have an immediate impact on the students in the department. This fund will allow some of our brightest students to focus on their studies instead of how to pay for them.


Jay and Judy Feldstein Gift to the Harold J. "Pat" O'Brien Memorial Award

This fund was established by the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, as well as with contributions from friends and family of Harold J. "Pat" O'Brien, the former Associate Dean of the College of the Liberal Arts and long time Coach of the debate team. The fund supports undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in their first year in Speech Communication, with a preference given to students who are members of the debate team. Jay ('59 Arts & Letters) and Judi Feldstein decided to designate a portion of their overall gifts to the University to this fund in memory of Pat, who was Jay's Debate Coach.


Lynn Mack and Joseph Costello Family Fund in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences

Lynn H. Mack-Costello ('71 speech) and her husband Joseph O. Costello created a program support fund to support travel by undergraduate and graduate students and equipment purchases.  Lynn had a long career as a litigation attorney and has recently retired. She has expertise in fundraising, training, and administration.  Lynn was a member of the CAS Alumni Board of Visitors and has also taught several CAS classes at Penn State.  Lynn and Joseph reside in Pacific Palisades, CA, and have two daughters, one a recent graduate of the University.


Barnett Program Fund for Public Health Policy in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences

Barry Barnett (’70 speech) created a fund that provides monies for graduate or undergraduate student internship support for students working  in public health. Barry recently retired as partner from Pricewaterhouse Coopers in New York City and has been actively involved with the CAS department over the years through participation on the CAS Alumni Board of Visitors and through his work with undergraduate students. Barry and his wife Alison have two children.


Other Recent Donors to the Department

Susan Stone Applbaum
Robert Arbour
James B. Benjamin
Jennifer Borda
Bruce G. Bryski
Kelly Casey
Gary A. Copeland
Pamela A. Cowan
Colleen M. Curtin
Dale Cyphert
Danielle Dimatteo
Nancy R. Dunbar
Christine Wanner Gray & Theodore Gray
Pamela L. Gray
Marshall S. Jacobson, Esq.
Kristin F. King
Kathleen M. Kougl
Bradley M. Manderbach
Joshua M. Miller
Katherine & Curtis Moore
Mary Thomas Newman
R. Pierre Rodgers & Ellen Drogin Rodgers
Lawrence B. Rosenfeld
Rebecca Boring Rubin
Eugene A. Stanley
James Verno
Paul & Joyce Walwick
Robert & Carolyn Welch
Shelby L. Wherry
Hans-Otto & Kathryn Zbinden
James Zeman