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Ryan Erbe

My name is Ryan Erbe, I'm a CAS graduate, class of 2013. Post graduation, I've been living on Long Island, NY working for a premiere web-design agency called ICVM Group as both an Assistant Project Manager and a SaaS platform specialist. I was fortunate to land the job, as we work with some of the most prestigious law firms in the world, and I'm the youngest employee by almost 10 years. While it's been a tough challenge from the start, I've adapted and have enjoyed learning all about the web-design aspect and what role it plays in the evolution of the booming IT industry we live each day.

Living in a seasonal beach town year round, I get to enjoy all that the North Fork of Long Island has to offer. Gorgeous beaches, posh wineries, quaint mom&pop shops with a small town feel, and seafood most days of the week. On occasion I will travel to NYC and visit with other fellow PSU alums to watch football/hockey games, go to concerts, etc.

It's always been a pleasure staying on the East Coast, as it keeps me connected to the Penn State community, and also knowing that I'm only a few hours away. I plan on working with the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program this Fall and hope to continuously offer valuable insight to students coming out of school. Working with a mentor has always helped me in more ways than one, academically, athletically, professionally, personally... so I look forward to being able to offer the same type of guidance that I've received over the years.

Hope to be back on campus soon!