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Interdisciplinary Minor in Dispute Management and Resolution

This interdisciplinary minor, administered by the Departments of Communication Arts and Sciences and Labor Studies and Employment Relations, provides students with the opportunity to learn about, and develop skills appropriate to, the management and resolution of problems created by differences in attitudes, beliefs, values, and behavioral preferences of individuals primarily in interpersonal, group, and organizational contexts, and, to a lesser extent, international contexts. The minor is supportive of, and complementary to, work emphasizing conflict and means for dealing with it in such majors as Administration of Justice, Human Development and Family Studies, Labor and Employment Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Communication Arts and Sciences.

Students pursuing the minor in Dispute Management and Resolution must complete six credits of prescribed course work and twelve credits of additional course work drawn from the options identified below. Of the 18 credits selected, at least nine must be at the 400-level. A maximum of six credits earned in the minor, if appropriate, can be used to satisfy requirements in the Communication Arts and Sciences or Labor and Employment Relations majors. Only courses in which the student earns a grade of “C” or better may be counted toward fulfillment of requirements for the minor.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing

Requirements for the Minor

18 credits

  • at least 9 credits at the 400-level

1. Prescribed Courses (6 credits):

  • L E R 100: Industrial Relations (GS) (3)
  • CAS 203: Interpersonal Communication (GS) (3)

2. Additional Courses (12 credits)

Select 3 credits from:

    • LER 437: Trends in Employment Relations (3)
    • CAS 404: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation (3)

Select 9 credits from the following (at least 6 credits at the 400-level)

    • ADM J 423: (GI) (WMNST) Rape and Sexual Violence (3)
    • CAS 250: Small Group Communication (3)
    • CAS 403: Interpersonal Communication Theory and Research (3)
    • CAS 452: Organizational Communication Theory and Research (3)
    • CAS 471: Cross-Cultural Communication Theory and Research (GI) (3)
    • HD FS 311: Human Development and Family Studies Interventions (3)
    • HD FS 414: Resolving Human Development and Family Problems (3)
    • LER/WMNST 136: Race, Gender, and Employment (US) (3)
    • LER 414W: Labor and Employment Relations Theory (3)
    • LER 434: Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration (3)
    • PL SC 014: International Relations (3)
    • PL SC 418: International Relations Theory (3)
    • PL SC 437: War in World Politics (3)
    • PSY 231: Employment Psychology (3)
    • PSY 441: Industrial Motivation and Work Satisfaction (3)
    • PSY 475: Social Psychology of Interpersonal/Intergroup Relationships (3)
    • SOC 119: Race and Ethnic Relations (GS;GI) (4)
    • SOC 403: Advanced Social Psychology (3)
    • SOC 423: Social Movements (3)
    • SOC 455: Work and Occupations (3)
    • S T S 090: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies (3)
    • S T S 390: Personal Peace and Peace Building (3)

For more information, contact:

Professor Denise Solomon, 317 Sparks Building, 814-865-5232,